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House Claims Community

for the possessive fangirls in all of us

House Claims
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Welcome to the first claiming community for FOX's hit drama House.

Here you can claim anything related to House, whether it's characters, actors, accessories, relationships, episodes, guest characters and the actors that play them, songs played in episodes, or locations. (The exception being, you can't claim things related to actors, i.e. Hugh Laurie's British accent, because those are things related to the actor, not the show, get it? Your claim must somehow be directly related to the show...I may want to shoot Vogler, but I can't claim doing that, because it's not part of the show, no?) Everything is fair game. Please try to be as detailed as possible in your claim, so we know exactly what you're claiming.

Members get three claims, and two members may share a claim; after that, it's taken. Claims list will be updated once weekly. Your lovely moderator is divisionvixen, who gets five ('cause moderator's privelege, you know). You may get up to two additional bonus claims for making icons, wallpapers, what have you for the community.

Now, the RULES of the claim:

1) Please, please, please check the claims list before claiming. Duplicate claims will be ignored.

2) Do not post claims in comments - put them in their own post so the mod can see them.

3) Respect your fellow claimers, or your claims will be dropped and so will you. Leaving the community puts your claims up for grabs.

4) And if a claim somehow, in some way whatever is a spoiler for an episode (i.e. if you're on the East Coast - Lord knows why these could be spoilers, but just to be safe), PLEASE put it behind a cut tag, for safety's sake.

Thanks, and claim away for your House enjoyment.

CLAIMS LIST as of June 5, 2005:

Dr. Greg House claimed by divisionvixen and acrimonius
Dr. James Wilson claimed by detection and sexywabbit
Dr. Allison Cameron claimed by heykidbiteme and bigangry
Dr. Robert Chase claimed by silverjewel7
Dr. Eric Foreman claimed by sexywabbit
Dr. Lisa Cuddy claimed by butterbuns
Edward Vogler claimed by oneirophobic

Hugh Laurie claimed by divisionvixen and parabuzzle
Robert Sean Leonard claimed by runfromtears
Jesse Spencer claimed by adamsangel
Jennifer Morrison claimed by regina_filangee

House/Wilson claimed by detection and heykidbiteme
House/Cameron claimed by acrimonius and sweatersarehot
House/Cuddy claimed by butterbuns
Chase/Cameron claimed by _j_e_s_s_i_
Chase/Foreman claimed by adamsangel

"Fidelity" claimed by machka
"Role Model" claimed by divisionvixen
"Babies and Bathwater" claimed by sexywabbit
"Histories" claimed by in_purple_skies
"Three Stories" claimed by bananabear333
"Love Hurts" claimed by dru_evilista
"Detox" claimed by aheartfulofyou

Scenes From Episodes:
The House/Wilson cane-grabbing scene from the pilot claimed by aristaea
Cameron's sex talk claimed by _j_e_s_s_i_
The House/Cameron "Do you like me?" scene from Control claimed by big_tears
The House/Cameron resignation scene from Role Model claimed by big_tears
The House/Wilson "stupid, screwed-up friendship" scene from Babies and Bathwater claimed by silverjewel7 and aheartfulofyou
The one scene in which House actually smiles claimed by hermiones_twin

House's cane claimed by detection and zombiexbunny
House's oversized dog ball claimed by acrimonius and kasdan
House's piano claimed by heykidbiteme and sweatersarehot
House's yo-yo claimed by zombiexbunny and oneirophobic
House's red mug claimed by oneirophobic
House's wardrobe claimed by parabuzzle
The whiteboard claimed by zombiexbunny
House's lab coat claimed by clouds_up
House's iPod claimed by fido_the_dog
House's Jell-O claimed by fido_the_dog
House's Nike Shoxx claimed by fido_the_dog and runfromtears
House's Game Boy claimed by runfromtears
House's Nintendo DS claimed by rei_jaganshi
House's scruff claimed by bookshop
House's Vicodin bottle claimed by clouds_up
House's Vicodin claimed by butterbuns
House's car claimed by silverjewel7 and hermiones_twin
House's lollipops claimed by aristaea
House's portable TV claimed by missanemone
House's collection of band shirts claimed by missanemone
House's blue dress shirt (*squee*) claimed by missanemone
The uncalibrated centrifuge claimed by clouds_up
The clearboard claimed by bigangry
Wilson's green tie claimed by sweatersarehot
Wilson's untrustworthy French shoes claimed by aristaea
Cuddy's cleavage claimed by bigangry
Chase's crossword puzzle book claimed by mandagemini
Chase's hair claimed by _j_e_s_s_i_
The Sacred Skunk of St. Joseph claimed by mandagemini
The Nerf football from Babies and Bathwater claimed by in_purple_skies
Chase's stethoscope claimed by ampers_and
Chase's lab coat claimed by ampers_and
Chase's Tic-Tacs claimed by silverjewel7
Chase's green sports jacket claimed by bananabear333
Cuddy's pink suit claimed by violette_b
House's red shirt claimed by hermiones_twin
Chase's leather jacket claimed by mmejavert
Cameron's black pinstripe pantsuit claimed by regina_filangee
Cameron's reading glasses claimed by regina_filangee

House's snark claimed by nematoddity and machka
House's cane-twirling claimed by nematoddity
House's air piano playing claimed by nematoddity
House's fake British accent claimed by queerbitch
House's "something just clicked" look claimed by rei_jaganshi
House's drug addiction claimed by another_lobster

Cameron's angst claimed by machka

Wilson's hands-on-hips "boy wonder oncologist" stance claimed by aheartfulofyou

"Don't even try it; she only has thighs for me" claimed by queerbitch
"You have little people inside you" claimed by queerbitch

House's office claimed by divisionvixen
Wilson's office claimed by mandagemini
The cafeteria claimed by xaxres
House's apartment claimed by big_tears
The lab claimed by rei_jaganshi

"Teardrop" by Massive Attack (House theme) claimed by divisionvixen